I really need to get in shape before I try out one of those group fitness classes.

It’s one of the first things newcomers tell me after discovering I’m a group fitness instructor. I get it. Group fitness classes can be intimidating and overwhelming.

Will everyone stare at me?
Will I know what to do?
Will I trip over the dumbbells or get tangled up in the resistance bands?  

While I can’t promise you that you won’t get tangled up in the resistance bands (sometimes those buggers just don’t want to cooperate!), I can assure you that our instructors will be right there by your side to encourage, motivate and make you feel comfortable.

Here at Remix, we believe in the power of community. You are not in this alone. That’s the beauty of group fitness classes. As a group, we are stronger, we are empowered and have significantly more fun than we would going in alone.

We also believe a well-rounded fitness program is necessary for achieving lasting results. Remix workouts are for everybody. We are passionate about providing classes that are not only enjoyable, but help you to become your strongest, leanest, healthiest self.

If you are feeling a bit unsure about trying out one of our Remix Group Fitness Classes, read on for some tips to help give you confidence walking through our doors.

5 Tips for Remix Newbies

1. Arrive to class early

You know what they say. The early bird gets the worm and the best spot in class.

Give yourself ample time, about 10-15 minutes, to familiarize yourself with the studio. By the time class starts, you are sure to be best buds with the friendly faces at our front desk. When you arrive early, you’ll have plenty of time to sign a waiver, take a tour of our studio, meet with your instructor and get comfortable with any equipment you’ll be using in class.

Be sure to let your instructor know about any past injuries and feel free to ask any of the burning questions you may have like, “So, exactly how much am I going to sweat today?”

2. Stick with Level 1 Movements in the beginning

Remix workouts were developed with all levels in mind. Here at Remix, we want everybody to feel welcomed. During all of our Remix classes, including our highest impact class Remixed Cardio, instructors will provide participants with three different levels.

Level 1 movements are less intense and lower impact while Level 2s and 3s are more challenging.

It may be tempting to jump right to Level 3s, but it’s important to allow your body the time to progress and avoid excessive soreness and injury. As you take more classes, you’ll find yourself gradually progressing through the levels. There’s nothing more satisfying than finding yourself successfully complete a level 3 movement after many classes of hard work.

3. Listen to your body

I’m often stressing the importance of “listening to your body” to my classes, but what does that really mean? It’s a workout, so ideally, it should be work. It should be challenging.

How can you tell whether you’re experiencing the “good body-changing pain” or the bad injury-causing pain?

Take a quick break. If the muscle burning sensation goes away, it’s the type of discomfort that you want and you can keep working hard. If you feel any sharp or throbbing pain that doesn’t go away when you stop, it’s best to rest and take it easy. And if the “good pain” is simply too much, slow your pace.

As you come to more and more classes, you can steadily pick up the intensity and increase to levels 2 and 3. Our instructors will be there to help point out exactly where you should be feeling movements. Don’t be afraid to call them over if you are unsure of where or what you should be feeling. They are there to help!

4. Stick by the instructor

Fight the urge to hide away in the back corner of the room! Right up front next to the instructor or slightly behind to the right or to the left of the instructor are great spots for newcomers.

A clear view of the instructor will help you see all the movements, and a clear view of the mirror will help you perform those moves with proper form.

Although it may feel like all eyes will be on you up front, I guarantee that everyone is entirely focused on their own selves to even notice.

5. Check in after class

Don’t forget to check in after class with your instructor. Our caring instructors can give you feedback and answer any questions you have about the class. Our instructors are dedicated to customer service and providing enjoyable and effective workout experiences. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable, confident and strong walking in and out of Remix.

Be sure to also check in with the front desk and let them know what you thought. We love hearing from our clients- you are the reason we do what we do after all.