Are you brand new to group fitness or maybe you haven’t been working out in awhile and want to get back into it? Good news- you’ve come to the right place! Here at Remix, you’ll find different levels in ALL of our classes. We want ALL clients to feel confident and comfortable going at their own pace in each and every one of our classes.

Still unsure about trying a class? We now offer a Remixed Beginner Class. This smaller sized, slower paced class is perfect for beginners or anyone coming back to working out after some time off. We’ll go over form and different ways to make sure you can feel comfortable modifying during the rest of our classes.

Remixed Beginner
New to group fitness? Haven’t worked out in awhile? Need a little refresher on all of our modifications and levels offered throughout our classes? Remixed Beginner is for you! Come try this smaller-sized, slower paced class in order to increase your confidence and strength so you can feel comfortable in any of our Remix classes. Connect with other newbies, go over form, learn modifications all while receiving a great workout.