Cardio often gets a bad rap as something that’s boring and monotonous. Well, boring is the opposite of what you’ll get in our Cardio Classes. Nervous about too much jumping? Our instructors provide levels for all movements, always including moves that are low impact, but still effective.

Remixed Cardio
Get ready to sweat during this 45-minute calorie torching, music-pumping, high intensity interval training class designed to burn fat and leave you feeling energized. Our instructors will guide you through fast-paced exercises and challenge you to get uncomfortable to tone your body and achieve results. Though our sweat infused Remixed Cardio is a non-stop calorie burning workout, all movements can be low impact or high impact depending on your needs; all levels are welcomed to participate.Learn more…
Remixed Kickboxing
Get ready to destress  and feel more powerful than ever with our Remixed Kickboxing class. Your heart will be pumping as loud as our music as our instructors take you through a series of punches and kick combinations that can be modified to be low or high impact depending on your level. Kick all your stress away and improve your cardiovascular system as you do something just for you. 
Remixed Tabata
You can do anything for 20 seconds, right? Challenge yourself with this high intensity workout. 45 minutes will fly by as you move through a series of exercises done for 20 seconds at a time followed by a 10 second active rest. You’ll hit every muscle, including your heart, and leave feeling ready to tackle anything thrown your way.
Remixed Spin
We are putting our SPIN on spin, the Remix way. Feed off the incredible energy in the room with a combination of endurance and strength building intervals. With a mix of fast sprints and heavy climbs all timed to the beat of the music, you’ll be counting down the hours till your back in the saddle once again.

Still want to include some strength training with your cardio? Check out our combination classes!

Core/Kickboxing Remix
Get sweaty and create a strong, lean core with our Remixed Kickboxing class with an additional emphasis on core-based movements. Improve your balance, build muscular endurance and tighten up those abs with a series of full body movements. Take that boost of endorphins and leave class with confidence and strength! 
Cardio/Sculpt Remix
For a combo class that’ll leave you feeling stronger with a boost of endorphins, look no further than our fast-paced, but incredibly fun Cardio/Sculpt Remix. Large movements combined with fast paced exercises make for one sweaty, intense workout! Cardio/Sculpt is the perfect workout for anyone looking for cardio with primarily low impact movements. You won’t want to miss this one! 
Barre/Cardio Remix
Small movements combined with fast-paced exercises make for the perfectly sweaty workout that’ll leave you feeling good even though you muscles may be burning. Embrace the shake with small, isometric movements you find in our barre classes, then feel the sweat once you start picking up the pace. Improve your cardiovascular health while building that muscular endurance! ! 
Kickboxing/Sculpt Remix
Two class favorites combined into one amazing, butt-kicking workout. Kickboxing/Sculpt Remix will have you punching and kicking your way into shape with a combination of kickboxing/cardio movements and strength training exercises. You’ll build that lean muscle and burn fat in the ultimate workout that’ll leave you feeling strong, calm and confident. 
HIIT/Sculpt Remix
Get ready to work during this combination class that mixes high intensity interval training and strength training for the perfect, efficient workout. You’ll move through a series of different movements that focus on body conditioning and building strength. With an emphasis on form, all levels will be able to feel confident and capable after taking this class.  
Core/Cardio Remix
It’s our signature cardio class with an emphasis on the core. Improve your balance and agility while sweating it all out with a mix of high intensity interval training. You’ll leave this class sweaty and strong to your core.