One thing we all need to do more is stretch. So many of us focus on building strength and improving our cardiovascular system that we often put stretching and recovery on the back burner. At Remix, we believe in balance. Take the time to take care of your body and reward those muscles for working so hard!

Remixed Flex
Find balance, flexibility and recover in our Remixed Flex, a 30-minute stretch-based class that’ll have you feeling relaxed and more than ready to tackle the rest of your day. Our Remixed Flex is the perfect way to soothe sore muscles, prevent injury and improve your posture. Develop body awareness while practicing that oh-so-difficult skill to master – mindfulness. Leave class feeling rested and at peace.Learn more…
Remixed Yoga
Barre/Flex Remix
Looking for a low impact workout that’ll loosen up sore, tight muscles while strengthening those muscles at the same time? Check out our Barre/Flex class! Not only will you use small, isometric movements to build muscular endurance, but you’ll also have the opportunity to reward those muscles with lengthening stretches and holds. Embrace the burn and shake of our barre movements  then relax and restore with our flex moves. 
Yoga/Sculpt Remix