FREE WEEK at Remix
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We can hardly believe that Remix Fitness has been opened an entire year! What a year it has been! From the very first Grand Opening Celebration to all of the challenges, get togethers, and of course, all of the tough, but entertaining classes, we’ve had a blast.

Our vision for Remix has always been about providing a supportive, motivating community with the variety of a big gym. We want everyone who walks into Remix to feel comfortable and welcome. Our members play a huge role in helping all who are new feel at ease walking in. We can’t thank you all enough!

At the same time, we are always looking for creative ways to challenge our members and clients. Our goal has always been to offer variety. We want our clients to continue to overcome plateaus, avoid boredom and keep seeing results. We have introduced lots of different new classes this past year, from our combination classes, to our core classes, yoga, kickboxing, tabata, HIIT to our brand new spin bikes.

As we approach our second year, our goal is to continue to provide all who walk into Remix a supportive environment where they can “mix” it up for a well-balanced workout routine. We have lots of new ideas and concepts on the horizon. If you’ve been a part of this community, be sure to stay tuned!!

For those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to try out Remix, now is your time to take advantage of our special Anniversary month offer. All new clients (or those who haven’t taken a class within 4 months) are eligible to receive one FREE WEEK. Try out as many of our classes as you can so you can get the full Remix experience!

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