We had such a blast back in September celebrating the official Grand Opening of Remix!

Why should the adults have all the fun? 

We’ve had so much fun, we’ve decided our Lil’Remixers deserve a Grand Opening Event of their very own!

Mary Cate and I are both moms of two, so it has always been importance to us that we provide a space where not only adults can make connections and achieve results, but the entire family are welcomed into the mix.

While my older one is in school, I love that I can bring my youngest to Remix with me and feel good knowing that she is enjoying her time just as much as I am. She’s definitely a mama’s girl, but she loves hanging out with Sara and Faith in the Lil’Remix Playroom playing with the other kids, singing songs, reading books, and coloring.

Though my five year old is in school, on his days off in between camp and school, he had the best time during our Lil’Remix Method Class. It can be difficult to convince this little guy that anything but superheroes and legos are fun, but he couldn’t get enough and was so proud of exercise moves!

If you have kids and are curious about what Remix has to offer, read more on why you are not going to want to miss our Lil’Remix Grand Opening Event happening THIS weekend, Sunday, October 21st. 

Got Kids?? Don’t Miss the Lil’Remix Grand Opening Event

Activities for ALL ages!!

We are so excited to offer classes to kids of all ages. Check out some of the fun classes we have to offer that’ll keep your children entertained as well as promote healthy habits.

  • Remixed Mommy & Me
    • Ages: Newborn to 3
    • When: Every Wednesday at 10:45 AM. Our 6 Week series is halfway through, but there’s still time to hop into class and give it a try!

One of the first ever Remix Pop-Up Classes was actually a Mommy & Me Class right in my front yard. Our neighbors were always curious about what was going on with all the moms working out with their kids running around and some lady yelling at them to, “Get Lower!” We wanted to recreate that laid back, yet fun vibe here at Remix. We wanted to be sure to offer a class Moms could get an efficient workout while bonding with their child, whether they were crawling or not.

  • Lil’Remix Playroom: 
    • Ages: 3 months and up
    • When: Our Lil’Remix Playroom is offered throughout all the 9:30 AM classes from Monday through Friday. We also have child care Tuesday and Wednesday evenings during the 5:45 and 6:15 pm classes. Then, there’s child care on weekends during Saturday morning 8:45 & 9:15 AM classes and Sunday afternoon 3:45 PM classes. ***We are offering FREE child care during our Lil’Remix Grand Opening Weekend, so reserve your spot TODAY! 

As much fun as we have during our Remixed Mommy & Me class, sometimes it’s nice to get a little “Me Time.” As parents it’s so rare that we get time just for ourselves, so here at Remix we wanted to offer that time so you can take care of yourself. Our Playroom is no ordinary playroom either. Our fabulous child care providers offer music and story time to the children as well as color with them. My mama’s girl loves spending time in our playroom, and I love that she is learning through play, as well as through books and song.

  • Lil’Remix Method Class 
    • Ages: 3-6
    • When: We are so excited to offer our Lil’Remix Method Class during our Lil’Remix Grand Opening Weekend. Be sure to reserve your child’s spot for our Sunday, October 21st class at 2:30 PM! 

Our class for ages 3-6 is one of my favorites. As a former Kindergarten teacher, this class is truly bringing my two loves together. Your child will learn safe and fun ways to exercise and be active as well as play games that’ll leave them happy and tired.

  • Junior Remix Method Class
    • Ages: 6-13
    • When: Sign your child up for our FREE Junior Remix Method Class this Sunday, October 21st at 3:45 PM!! 

Mary Cate and I had such a blast teaching our Junior Remix Method Class to children this summer at Whitmarsh Country Club Summer Camp and Our Lady of Mercy School Summer Camp. Our Junior class is a great way to motivate children to pull away from the technology, get moving, stay active and have FUN. They’ll learn safe ways to exercise and build strength, all while connecting with other children.


There were so many amazing giveaways from our awesome neighbors for our Grand Opening. We are beyond excited to be able to offer even MORE kid-themed giveaways for our Lil’Remix Grand Opening Event. We really are so fortunate to have such incredible neighbors here in Horsham! Here’s a list of those giveaways:

  • Aquatots
  • BounceU
  • RompN’Roll
  • + Our very own Lil’Remix Giveaway

It’s not ALL about the kids!

As my children get older, I’m realizing that there’s so much waiting around involved with being a parent. From dance class to swim lessons, so often parents are stuck just waiting and waiting for practice or this or that to be finished so they can drive them off to their next activity. Here at Remix, we’ve got something for you too!

Get your own workout on while your child is in the next room over. We are offer FREE adult classes this weekend during our kid classes to celebrate our Lil’ Remix Grand Opening.

  • Remixed Barre @ 2:30 PM during our Lil’Remix Method Class
  • Remixed Cardio @ 3:45 PM during our Junior Remix Method Class

Be sure to sign up on Mindbody to reserve your spot TODAY!