At Remix, we believe in mixing it up. We are dedicated to providing our members with a variety of classes and times so ALL can make connections and achieve results. Check out our class descriptions below…

Remix Method
Founders Mary Cate and Tricia’s one of a kind, signature class is a dynamic, heart-pounding, muscle-shaking full body workout. This unique workout combines cardio, strength training, barre and flexibility for an intense, but effective 45 minutes that can be tailored for any exercise level. Leave class stronger, leaner, definitely sweatier and wanting more!Learn more…
Remixed Cardio
Get ready to sweat during this 45-minute calorie torching, music-pumping, high intensity interval training class designed to burn fat and leave you feeling energized. Our instructors will guide you through fast-paced exercises and challenge you to get uncomfortable to tone your body and achieve results. Though our sweat infused Remixed Cardio is a non-stop calorie burning workout, all movements can be low impact or high impact depending on your needs; all levels are welcomed to participate.Learn more…
Remixed Sculpt
Grab your weights and come get stronger, more toned and more confident during our 45-minute Remixed Sculpt class. This total body, low impact, strength training workout uses a variety of equipment, including dumbbells and resistance bands, to build a strong foundation in order to continually achieve results. The music will fuel your fire and our instructors will encourage you to continually progress so you walk out of class feeling powerful.Learn more…
Remixed Barre
You don’t need to be a ballerina to workout at the barre! Our Remixed Barre class is a 45-minute, low impact, muscular endurance workout that focuses on high repetitions and small, isometric movements. Instructors bring the heat with their fun, upbeat playlists and are sure to have your muscles shaking and burning so you walk out of class feeling sleek, toned and accomplished.Learn more…
Remixed Flex
Find balance, flexibility and recover in our Remixed Flex, a 20-minute stretch-based class that’ll have you feeling relaxed and more than ready to tackle the rest of your day. Our Remixed Flex is the perfect way to soothe sore muscles, prevent injury and improve your posture. Develop body awareness while practicing that oh-so-difficult skill to master – mindfulness. Leave class feeling rested and at peace.Learn more…

Barre/Flex Remix
Looking for a low impact workout that’ll loosen up sore, tight muscles while strengthening those muscles at the same time? Check out our Barre/Flex class! Not only will you use small, isometric movements to build muscular endurance, but you’ll also have the opportunity to reward those muscles with lengthening stretches and holds. Embrace the burn and shake of our barre movements  then relax and restore with our flex moves. 
Barre/Sculpt Remix
This 45 minute low-impact, combo class for all levels will give you the perfect mix of barre and sculpt, building both muscular endurance and strength. Our motivating playlists will push you to get lower and dig deeper in small movements that bring on the “shake” + large movements that increase your power.  You’ll walk out of class feeling stronger, more toned and accomplished.
Cardio/Sculpt Remix
For a combo class that’ll leave you feeling stronger with a boost of endorphins, look no further than our fast-paced, but incredibly fun Cardio/Sculpt Remix. Large movements combined with fast paced exercises make for one sweaty, intense workout! Cardio/Sculpt is the perfect workout for anyone looking for cardio with primarily low impact movements. You won’t want to miss this one! 
Barre/Cardio Remix
Small movements combined with fast-paced exercises make for the perfectly sweaty workout that’ll leave you feeling good even though you muscles may be burning. Embrace the shake with small, isometric movements you find in our barre classes, then feel the sweat once you start picking up the pace. Improve your cardiovascular health while building that muscular endurance! ! 

Remixed Kickboxing
Get ready to destress  and feel more powerful than ever with our Remixed Kickboxing class. Your heart will be pumping as loud as our music as our instructors take you through a series of punches and kick combinations that can be modified to be low or high impact depending on your level. Kick all your stress away and improve your cardiovascular system as you do something just for you.
Kickboxing/Sculpt Remix
Two class favorites combined into one amazing, butt-kicking workout. Kickboxing/Sculpt Remix will have you punching and kicking your way into shape with a combination of kickboxing/cardio movements and strength training exercises. You’ll build that lean muscle and burn fat in the ultimate workout that’ll leave you feeling strong, calm and confident.


Remixed Tabata
You can do anything for 20 seconds, right? Challenge yourself with this high intensity workout. 45 minutes will fly by as you move through a series of exercises done for 20 seconds at a time followed by a 10 second active rest. You’ll hit every muscle, including your heart, and leave feeling ready to tackle anything thrown your way.
Remixed Mommy & Me
Join us for our remixed version of a Mommy & Me Fitness Class! This 6 week session is geared towards moms who want to get a workout in while spending some quality time with their child. Children, from newborns up to preschool ages, are invited to get moving, play and workout with their parent. All levels are welcome to come sweat, build strength and share a positive fitness experience with their child together.

Lil’ Remix Playroom
Here at Remix, we decided to mix up the typical child care center you find in gym settings. Our Lil’Remix Playroom is not only a space children can feel safe, comfortable and have fun, but also one that fosters learning. In 45 minutes, children will develop gross motor skills through song and dance, develop print awareness through read alouds and work on social development through free play. Parents can feel confident their children are both learning and having a blast.
Lil'Remix Method
Our one of a kind, signature class has been remixed just for kids! Our 45 minute Lil’Remix Method Class is specifically designed with children preschool aged and up in mind. Introduce your child to exercise and movement in a fun and exciting way. You can feel confident your kids will have a positive, healthy experience, and your kids will leave class with a smile on their face.