Why Remix Fitness?

From sculpt to barre to cardio to stretching, Remix classes have something for everyone and everybody. Our knowledgeable and caring instructors strive to not only make you feel at ease, but to push you to reach your highest potential all while fostering an unforgettable, yet always different workout experience.

Remix is a dynamic, innovative and upbeat way to get fit. Founders Mary Cate and Tricia designed their one of a kind workout to beat boredom and maximize results.

As barre instructors, Mary Cate and Tricia fell in love with the vibe and supportive atmosphere of small boutique studios, but found themselves longing for a more well-rounded fitness program typically offered at larger, less personal, box gyms. Together they combined their favorite elements to create a completely unique fitness experience. Remix offers the tight-knit community of a small boutique studio while also providing a variety of classes to meet all your fitness needs.

Remix Fitness
Why Remix Method?
Where to Start?

We believe in the power of community. We believe a well-rounded fitness program is necessary for achieving lasting results. Here at Remix, we are dedicated to providing you with both.

Meet the Founders of Remix

Remix Fitness Owner Mary CateRemix is a labor of love for me. Deep down inside, I don’t like change; I still wish I was in grade school. However, the one thing I am certain of is change is inevitable so I have to embrace it whether I like it or not and surround myself with people who can help me do just that.

I am not naturally fit (will show old pictures to doubters) and I do not love working out but the reality is the skinny gene isn’t mine so I have to exercise, it really is that simple. I know there are a lot of people like me so I wanted to create an ever-changing, always exciting and safe place where people can be comfortable and remix their fitness to create strong and fit bodies ready to adjust to life’s changes.

We all deserve to have the confidence and strength to pursue our dreams and find happiness. Remix can help us get there.

I have always had to workout and always will; yet because of Remix, my attitude has gone from I have to work out to I GET to work out!


Remix Owner and Instructor Tricia GoodmanRemix is my home away from home. It’s my way to decompress, socialize and feel good about myself. Although I loved staying home when I had my first child, at times I felt isolated. Without the constant adult interaction of a typical job, I craved support and connection.

Fitness has always been a passion for me. It was important for me to continue to exercise and stay active even after having my children. Yet, I felt overwhelmed and lost walking into a large gym, and unmotivated and alone while exercising on my own.

It all clicked with Remix and group fitness classes. I had found my place- a space I felt comfortable and at ease. With Remix, it’s my goal to help others achieve this confidence, to feel supported and a sense of belonging. I want clients to walk into Remix feeling capable and determined to make and accomplish all of their fitness goals.

I’ve always believed that, the best form of exercise is the kind you enjoy doing. For me, I’ve never had more fun than with this amazingly strong community.