I first met Heather during a Little Gym class with our oldest. I was new to the area so didn’t have a whole lot of “mom friends.” Heather and I met and instantly clicked. She’s genuine and kind and one of the most loyal friends I have ever had. Heather was a bit apprehensive when I tried to get her to come to one of my fitness classes the first time, but, being a good friend, she did. Thankfully, even though it was tough, she enjoyed it and kept coming back. It has been incredible to see her progression. Not only does she make time to come to class, even when that means coming back at night during a long busy day with the kids, but she also works so hard during class. She gives it her all each and every class. We love having Heather as a member of Remix, but are even more thrilled to call her our friend. 


Remix Client Spotlight- Heather

1.Tell us about you… background, family, work, etc.

My name is Heather and I am teacher who is currently a stay at home mom of two boys ages 2 and 5. I have always been in pretty good shape and would do at home workouts prior to having children. My days now involve running around and spending time with my husband and children and I was not realizing how important it was for my overall well-being that I set aside “me” time. 

2. How and why did you start taking Remix classes? 

I have known owner, Tricia Goodman, for just about five years. Tricia has been a great friend to me and honestly I owe this entire workout journey to her positively motivating me to start working out. Tricia knew that I was not feeling that confident about my after birth body and was not 100% certain I was ready to attend a gym or any type of class……so what did she do?!!!! She came to my home and taught a workout class to myself and a couple of my friends.  I realized at that moment that I not only had an AMAZING friend, but also was not as scared to take a class in a “real” gym setting. I tended to only want to take classes taught by Tricia, because I love her classes, but yet again, Tricia motivated me to try different classes as well as different places, with different instructors. Once again, as the great friend that she is, Tricia even came with me to my first classes that she was not teaching to make sure I felt comfortable. Tricia told me that I would love Mary Cate’s high energy personality, as well as her method of teaching, she was spot on! I ended up taking a lot of classes taught by Mary Cate, and loved her!  Leading up to the doors opening to Remix I made sure I kept taking pop-up classes with Mary Cate and Tricia. It is unbelievable that even with only going a couple times of week I noticed major changes! 

Spotlight Remix Fitness Client Heather

3. What do you love about Remix classes?

Honestly, there is soooo much I love, but I will not waste too much paper haha! From the moment I walked into the gorgeous studio I was immediately greeted with a genuine smile by Anne and everyone else who works at Remix. I knew that I was “home”.  Of course, I NEVER expected anything less from two great, personable, genuine, honest, and caring owners.  I have found that each workout is unique (even if it the same type of class), which is so essential to not only transforming one’s body, but also for staying motivated and never ever feeling bored.   From Tricia’s hard-core workouts with combinations galore, to Mary Cate’s high-energy, and unique moves and skills, they are always making me remember why I came and what I set out to do. I always feel soooo happy before, during and after class.  I have also taken classes with many other instructors and can honestly say that Remix is the real deal and has the BEST instructors and employees. Everyone always makes me and all clients feel welcomed and it is as though we are the only one in class. It is really just a great feeling to know that even when there are as so many people in class, that how I am doing truly matters.  

4. What are the changes you’ve seen in yourself?

OMG, where do I begin?!!!! Well…..in the first two weeks alone, I went down a size in clothing and gained confidence and energy. While weight loss and body toning are huge, for me, Remix has been even more. I was NOT feeling the most confident or in the best spirits regarding the way I looked and I can truly say that now I am. Not just because my body is changing, but also because I am mentally feeling better. At Remix, it really feels like a family. Tricia and Mary Cate’s objective is to make sure we all make time for ourselves and that really is key.  Coming to Remix for 45 minutes a day has does wonders on my overall mind, body, and soul.

5. When can we typically find you taking Remix classes?

HAHA…. I am sort of… well who am I kidding not sort of….I AM OBSESSED….so really you can find me there any time. I strive to go 4-5 times a week. I used to only take night classes, but lately I have also taken morning classes

6. What would you tell anyone that hasn’t tried Remix classes yet?

Jump out of your comfort zone and try Remix. Trust me, you will NEVER look back. Most times, boutique fitness studios offer one-two different types of classes, whereas Remix has multiple types of classes that keep EVERYONE on their toes (literally, if on releve’) ! As a result to the many class types, your body has no time to adapt and plateau. You will NEVER get bored. Each class you are guaranteed to leave feeling VERY sweaty and sore, but really why workout if you don’t feel it, right?!!!!  Take it from me, a person who supposedly hated group classes, only to learn it wasn’t that I hated them, but that I had NOT found the right mix, the Remix !!!!!