We met Tony at one of our Pop-Ups back in the summer before we opened. Tony came to us after several years of trying to work out on his own post leaving the army. He spent years going to the gym lifting and using all different machinery and what he was really missing was the structure of classes and someone telling him what he needs to do to get the results he deserves and the community base that he had been around while he was serving our country. We get to be a lucky part of Tony taking care of himself after he sacrificed so much and we’re so proud of him. He’s down 32 pounds, has more self confidence and he deserves all that and more. We want to thank Tony for being a part of Remix and also for sacrificing his life four our country.

-Mary Cate

1. Tell us about you… background, family, work, etc.

I am married with two kids and work in Information Technology recently moving to Montgomery County but grew up in Northeast Philadelphia. I spent 8 1/2 years in the Army doing 2 tours to Iraq and after getting out I got a Masters Degree Network Communication & Management. Lastly I am a massive Eagles fan that bleeds green E-A-G-L-E-S eagles.
2. How and why did you start taking Remix classes?
I saw a pop-up class at my work and after talking to someone who took it described how good they felt after the class. I was looking to lose weight because after trying to workout on my own I wasn’t seeing the results and started to lose interest. I knew if I had a structured environment that would push me it could make all the difference. I ran , biked and lifted weights but felt like something was missing and that something was Remix Fitness.
Remix fitness spotlight
3. What do you love about Remix classes?
As soon as you walk into the doors they greet you by your first name and create a welcoming environment. The staff and instructors take time to get to know and for me makes all the difference from a large gym where yo are just another face but at Remix Fitness you are family. The energy in every class starts high and ends at a higher level with each class challenging you in different ways. Each instructor keeps their class fresh where i take the same scheduled classes with the same instructors I leave their class being soar in new ways.
4. What are the changes you’ve seen in yourself?
The simple answer would be losing weight and being in the best shape I have been since my time in the army but there is much more than that. The energy level and self-confidence for me is amazing and seeing the physical changes are something I didn’t expect so quickly. Remix Fitness has acted as a catalyst to help improve my quality of life for the better.
5. When can we typically find you taking Remix classes?
I go to the 6:15 pm classes during the week and as many weekend classes as I can get to but if I can get to a class I am there.
6. What would you tell anyone that hasn’t tried Remix classes yet?
Trying to explain what a person is missing is a experience because that is what Remix Fitness is and after taking a class you are hurting but in a good way. The staff and instructors offer a encouraging and fun atmosphere that big gyms and working on your own can’t begin to compare too. The membership are very reasonably priced and come in a wide array including classes for the kids with no long term commitments on contracts. I I don’t work for Remix and am not trying to sell it bu I see the results from the classes and I can’t be happier. Take a few classes at the same price for a meal from a fast-food restaurant and YOU WILL THANK YOURSELF.