What to Expect During an Adrienne Class
Adrienne likes to incorporate a lot of creativity and props into her classes. She believes working out should be fun and different, otherwise your muscles and your mind get bored. She hopes you enjoy a full forty-five minutes of muscle shaking fitness as you target every body part and work muscles you didn’t even know you had.
Overheard in Adrienne's Class
You will hear lots of different levels and modifications so you can push yourself on your own level. “If working out was easy, everyone would do it. You are here to make a change for the better, and change is never easy.”

Adrienne's Mix
I love classes that make my muscles feel the burn. Give me some heavy weights or tons of reps and I’m in fitness heaven!
Adrienne's Classes
Remixed Barre Tuesdays @ 6:15 AM
Remix Method Thursdays @ 6:15 AM
**Find her on alternating weekends teaching a mix of classes!
What Members are Saying About Adrienne's Classes
UNBELIEVABLE class as usual!!! Thank you, Adrienne for ALWAYS working us so hard down to the last second, but also making sure we have a very thorough stretch. Those are just some of the MANY components I LOVE about Adrienne’s classes. Also how perfectly planned they are and how she always checks our form and makes us feel so positive about our hard work! throughout class!!!!

This is one of my favorites. It’s a must, it’s a great class and has focused movements that you can feel. Adrienne is amazing and gives great modifications for newbies

This class is everything! I love it. Cardio. Sculpt. Core. Toning. I only wish it were longer. It’s so fun, so it goes by so quickly! Adrienne knows how to push you to your limit and make sure you leave class feeling like a warrior. New and different routine each class, too.