What to Expect During a Jillian Class
Jillian wants you to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. She truly believes that every class should be a challenge, which why she’s always coming up with a new way to move your body. Jillian grew up dancing, but recently found her love of fitness and high intensity workouts, and she can’t wait to spread that love to you and your workout. Having run two marathons, Jillian is no stranger to reaching for goals and achieving success. Don’t forget your towel for this class – you’re guaranteed to sweat!
Overheard in Jillian's Class
“This feeling right here – this is what it feels like to change your body!”
Jillian's Mix
Jillian’s gateway to group fitness was step aerobics, but now she enjoys taking a wide variety of classes. I love high intensity movement and bodyweight exercises. I get bored easily, so anything that is new and exciting will keep me coming back!
Jillian's Classes
Catch Jillian on alternating weekends
…Stay tuned for more of Jillian in the Fall!
What Members are Saying About Jillian's Classes
Everything about this class was amazing! Jillian worked every part of our bodies and her playlist was SO GOOD! The class was fun and it flew by! Thanks for the great workout Jillian! 💪🏻