I’m beyond grateful I got to know Erin through the Remix Pop-Up Classes we started before we opened up the studio. I knew her through our local mom’s group, but didn’t get to really know her until she started coming to classes I taught in the neighborhood with her youngest boy. 

We shared a lot in common, including being former elementary school teachers, cheerleaders and graduating from St. Joe’s (The Hawk Will Never Die!). Erin has such a positive energy that radiates throughout all of her workouts and you feel it the moment you walk into the studio when she is teaching. She’s kind, considerate, warm and caring. You instantly feel comfortable when you’re talking with her. I’m not a morning person, but I’ll most certainly get up any day for Erin’s 6:15 am class! 


Remix Instructor Spotlight- Erin

Remix Fitness instructor Erin1. Tell us about you… background, family, work, etc.

I’m a “retired” elementary school teacher who now is home with my 3 very energetic boys. (ages 8, 6 and 1) They keep me very busy!

2. What inspired you to become a Remix Instructor?

I started going to Tricia’s Mommy & Me classes after my 3rd child was born and I loved it. The workouts were great and I loved getting time to meet with other moms socially!

Those classes led to me waking up with the sun for 6:15 am classes and I was hooked. When Tricia and Mary Cate approached me about being an instructor I couldn’t turn them down. I loved the workouts and the friends I’ve made in the process.

3. Describe your classes and what clients can expect. 

Expect a challenging yet fun class to start your mornings! From the Beatles to Missy Elliott, I love it all and you’ll hear that in my classes …and you may even catch me dancing 💃🏾 If you’re an early bird, join me at 6:15 am Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s for Remix cardio, the remix method and Remix sculpt.

4. What do you love about teaching? 

I love seeing people push themselves a little further with each class they come to. It’s so satisfying to see someone do something they didn’t think was possible for themselves.

5. What do you love about Remix? 

Remix is so special because it’s a place that you’re not only going to get a great workout, but you’ll be surrounded by passionate people who really care and want to see you be the best version of you. The variety of workouts offered and the varying levels given in class make it inclusive for everyone!

6. What would you tell anyone that hasn’t tried Remix yet?

It’s probably frowned upon, but I’d like to borrow Nike’s slogan: “Just Do It!” You won’t regret it! From the minute you walk in you’ll feel like you’re at home.

7. What song can you always count on to motivate you during a workout? 


8. What’s your favorite exercise move and why? 

My go to exercise is a plank because It engages your whole body! I always incorporate plank combos in my workouts.

9. Frequently overheard in class: What’s something you typically find yourself saying to your classes? 

“Good Morning!!!! Let’s start this day with some sweat!!”

10. What’s YOUR mix? (What classes do you typically take and why?) 

I love the intensity of cardio and how strong I feel after a sculpt class. You’ll find me at those classes!


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