I first met Meg at one of our pop-ups back when we were doing them out of Mary Cate’s garage. Her magnetic personality instantly pulled me in. You can’t help, but love Meg! She’s kind. She’s passionate. She’s hysterically funny. 

Her classes are a true reflection of her fantastic personality. Even when you feel like you can’t move your arm another inch, her encouragement motivates you to dig a little deeper and push with all you’ve got. I’m beyond thrilled to have Meg on our team. You’re guaranteed to leave her class feeling stronger, powerful and ready to tackle anything. Plus, her music is on point! 

Remix Instructor Spotlight- Meg

Remix Fitness Meg

1. Tell us about you… background, family, work, etc.

I am a mom to four children, ages 10, 9, 7 & 5, two boys and two girls. I also have two dogs and a husband who travels, so it’s a safe assumption to say that I have the loudest house on the block!

I have a MBA in finance, and work from home full-time for UnitedHealthcare. I grew up in Northeast Philadelphia, and am also one of four children. We recently moved back to the area after relocating to North Carolina for three years for my husband’s job.

We came back just in time for our Eagles to win the Super Bowl!

2. What inspired you to become a Remix Instructor?

Everyone that knows me well, is aware that fitness has always been an integral part of my life. I grew up playing sports in high school, and found a strict love for strength training by the time I was in college. During my pregnancies, I migrated towards yoga and realized the strength of the mind-body connection. More recently, I have been working with a boxing trainer and learning the mechanics of boxing.

Fitness, undoubtedly, has helped me stay sane and provided me with the strength to tackle the daily stressors of parenting and working. When Mary Cate and Tricia approached me to become an instructor, I was very excited for the opportunity to share my passion for fitness with others – while being part of a team that is truly invested in creating a warm and friendly community for the clients.

3. Describe your classes and what clients can expect. 

I will be teaching Remix Sculpt on Thursday nights at 6:15 pm and Remix Method on Saturday mornings at 8:45 am.

Music is extremely important to me – I think it’s a huge motivational factor! If you come to my classes, you can expect a lot of hip-hop with an upbeat vibe with lots of laughs as we work hard!

As an instructor, I am there to help coach you and will definitely be trying to encourage those who need that extra “push” to get to the next level. I will always ensure that proper form comes first, and will provide modifications so that clients feel comfortable!

4. What do you love about teaching? 

Teaching makes you a better student! I really thought I knew a lot about fitness – but that was before I became an instructor. Teaching has allowed me to really learn from the inside out and has driven me beyond my comfort zone, to recognize that I am able to push myself further. I pay much more attention now to how even the smallest change in body position can affect the difficulty of each move that I am teaching. I am more in tune with listening to my body, because after all, your body is your greatest teacher.

Over the years I have realized many positive results from maintaining an active lifestyle and incorporating weighted exercise. I am excited to share that knowledge with clients and help them reach their goals!

4. What do you love about Remix? 

Remix offers the most welcoming environment! Let’s be honest – fitness training is very intimidating, even for those who are seasoned athletes! From the very first day, I have felt incredibly comfortable with the Remix atmosphere. It’s so much easier to push yourself when you are surrounded by people with whom you can commiserate! Mary Cate and Tricia are really invested in providing the type of environment where clients can feel secure in setting and achieving their individual goals.

5. What would you tell anyone that hasn’t tried Remix yet?

Come to a free class and give it a shot! You will be greeted with smiles and encouragement! Come see me at one of my classes!

6. What song can you always count on to motivate you during a workout? 

Anything by Migos or Cardi B these days!

7. What’s your favorite exercise move and why? 

Definitely the shoulder press. There are so many variations and you can see growth and definition in your shoulders quickly, with appropriate weight and proper form.

8. Frequently overheard in class: What’s something you typically find yourself saying to your classes? 

“You’ve got this! Just a few more to go!”

9. What’s YOUR mix? (What classes do you typically take and why?) 

You can always find me in sculpt and barre classes. Results come from hard work!

Come meet the fabulous Meg in person and experience one of her awesome classes yourself.

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