I’m not a naturally fit person (there are some less than flattering pictures out there of me for sure)

 Growing up was a continuous struggle to figure out how to maintain a healthy weight and still enjoy life. In college and my MBA, I had a substantial amount of school work. It continued after graduation with my career in finance that took up most of the hours in the day. It was a struggle to find the right mix of workouts that worked; and even when I did, I had to go to different gyms to get the variety I needed to work my cardio, tone my muscles, and have fun while doing it! At this point I had two different gym memberships that I could hardly afford and I could barely justify the prices with the amount of time I actually spent at the gyms due to my busy schedule. 

 At first I didn’t like working out because, well, working out is hard! And the thing that was even harder than finding a workout class that fit into my schedule was finding one that really worked for me. They were either not fun enough or not challenging enough. It was easy to make excuses to skip the gym or classes because it was never fully worth the effort.

As my life took twists and turns from college to my career to being a mom, I realized that I not only needed to workout to stay fit, but I needed it to relieve stress and balance everything else in my life. My workouts, although they weren’t perfect, became my me time. I began to understand that exercise is just as good for my mind as it is for my body.

Remix Owner Spotlight: Mary Cate Wampler

Remix Fitness Owner Mary CateThe more classes I took at different gyms, the more I eventually figured out what worked and what I found to be necessary components to a well-rounded workout routine that maximized that luxurious “me time” feeling and continually achieved results.

It needed to be…

  • Ever-changing to avoid plateaus and boredom
  • Safe to avoid injurybecause frankly no one has time to go to more than an annual physical let alone to heal a broken bone or sore back, and we definitely don’t want to pack on the pounds as we nurse an injury
  • Supportive – I mean two things by this:
  • — 1) Having people aka instructors show you what to do and make sure you are doing it correctly
  • — 2) Having a community to push you…we really are so much stronger together than we are alone
  • Maximizing time and worth the money(i.e. efficient and effective classes all at just one studio, so all you need to think about is booking a class and showing up to work hard.)
  • Exciting so you look forward to it and eventually maybe even love it! I didn’t used to but now I do. 

Once I knew what a well-rounded and effective workout needed to be, I quit my gym memberships to go on a sort of maternity leave to birth my “third” child: The Remix Method. I knew that this was the workout that I needed; one that prioritized my body, my mind and my time. I didn’t want to be just another membership, I wanted to be part of a workout community that supported and pushed its members to be their best selves mentally and physically. 

Then I had yet another realization: I was not alone. There were a ton of people just like me who felt working out was a chore and not a chore entirely worth doing due to the high prices and low efficiency. Not that I had a roadmap of my dream workout; I needed some help making my dream, and the dream of many other busy gym-goers like me, come true. 

Cue Tricia. 

I really have always believed that everything happens for a reason. The two of us ended up in the same barre certification training and hit it off right away. We began to realize that other parts of our worlds collided and really connected as new moms and fitness enthusiasts! Needless to say, we quickly became friends.

I came to realize that Tricia is the kind of person who would do anything for anyone. She is that rare type of person who genuinely wanted everyone (whether she knew them personally or not) to be happy, healthy and have the support of family and friends. Not to mention she is an amazing personal trainer and instructor. I knew I’d be lucky to have someone as talented and kind hearted as a partner, so I shared my idea for a small, boutique studio that would provide the support of a strong community with a variety of classes that were fun and effective with her. Immediately she was hooked on the idea and what was once my dream became ours

From that first conversation in a parking lot to endless meetings, conversations via every platform (e.g. call, text, email, Instagram, facebook) and creating everything that goes into Remix, our dream became a reality.

So what is Remix?

It’s a workout studio that combines the community and personalization of a single-genre boutique with the large range of workouts provided at a large gym. It wouldn’t be a Remix if it didn’t have both. 

Large gyms are great for the wide variety of workouts that they provide. But they fall short when it comes to fostering a community and providing their members with guidance on how to workout best for their bodies. This means that its members can work out for months without seeing results because everyone is individually tasked with finding out what works best with little to no guidance from fitness professionals without substantial additional fees.  

Boutique single-genre fitness studios, on the other hand, make up for the gyms shortcomings in community and personalization, but often sacrifice the variety of workouts. This means that people do the same routine over and over again, but stop seeing results when they hit a plateau and wind up getting bored. 

Remix asks, “why can’t we have both?” We don’t want our members to have to sacrifice variety, community, or pay extra for things that they don’t need to reach their fitness goals. Remix provides workouts that produce results while also focusing on the individuals that make our studio a community. 

Working out is hard enough. So we have created a place that prioritizes our members by giving them a well-rounded workout experience that allows them to continuously see results, have the support of a community and even have the opportunity to fall in love with working out just like I did. 

We are so proud of what Remix is, the potential it has and its future. We can’t wait to have you be a part of it! Come check us out. We promise it’s worth it!

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