In all my wildest dreams, I never would have imagined I’d be the co-owner of my very own fitness studio.

Before I discovered the world of fitness, I was studying to become an elementary school teacher. I ended up teaching Kindergarten and First Grade in the School District of Philadelphia before becoming a stay-at-home mom to my first born.

While I loved staying at home with my oldest, I began to search for activities and hobbies for just myself. It’s a tricky transition to make- from working with a big group of people to finding yourself trying desperately to hold a conversation with a little human whose only form of communication is burps, cries and giggles.

Throughout this time, I gradually uncovered the benefits of group fitness- both mental and physical.

Fitness has always been important to me, and as a new mom, I was especially determined to get myself back into pre-baby shape (I’m not sure why us moms are often so hard on ourselves!). I’ve tried it all. I did lots of home videos while my not-so-sleepy baby would take cat naps throughout the day. I brought my baby with me to a semi-peaceful mommy and me yoga class, in a baby-screaming-in-the-background sort of way. I even tried a large, completely overwhelming, big box gym with a childcare center.

It wasn’t until I took that first step into a group fitness class where I truly felt at home.  

Remix Owner Spotlight: Tricia Goodman

Remix Owner and Instructor Tricia Goodman

As my son grew and I eventually had my second, I became determined to find something more for me in the fitness industry.

I earned my personal training certification from the American Council for Exercise before my daughter turned one, but I still felt a bit lost. I knew I wanted to do something with fitness since I loved how it made me feel and I wanted to bring that to others, but I still wasn’t sure about the one-on-one environment of personal training.

I believe strongly that the best form of exercise is the exercise that you enjoy, and exercise for most is a lot more enjoyable as a group than alone.

So, I jumped at the opportunity to sign up for a barre instructor training course at a local barre studio.

Mary Cate, my fellow co-owner of Remix, partner, and friend and I met during this barre training. We hit it off instantly. We were both new moms of two and super passionate about teaching group fitness. Mary Cate has an insatiable energy that fills up the room. She has the ability to motivate just about anyone to sink a little deeper into their squat or give just one more rep, and she does it all with a smile on her face.

I loved being a barre instructor. I loved choosing my playlist, I loved coming up with new moves and playing around with all the equipment, but what I loved most was the people and all the connections that were formed. At its basic level, group fitness is about health and building strength, but one of the most underrated benefits is the camaraderie and social bonds.

Yes, my time as a barre instructor was simply the best, except for one small detail that nagged at me in the back of my head.

While a barre class is an amazing workout, I knew from my personal training certification that a more well-rounded fitness plan was best for my overall health. I continued to add cardio and lift heavier on my own. That’s the draw back of a boutique fitness studio. They often only have one type of fitness class, which can’t provide the variety that is the key to your best physical self.

With this in the back of mind, Mary Cate approached me with an idea for a boutique fitness studio that offered more than just barre. I jumped on it right away. It took us some time to play around with the idea and to develop The Remix Method and the other Remixed classes you see today, but it all started with a simple vision.

We wanted to take that wonderful community that boutique fitness studios offer while providing all the tools so you not only never get bored, but you continue to see results and become your healthiest self.

Now that our dream is reality, I couldn’t be happier. We are beyond proud and humbled by our amazing Remix community. We are more powerful together. If you haven’t tried a class, come out and see what the Remix vibe is all about. You won’t be disappointed.

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