Remixed Barre: What To Expect

What is Barre: Barre is a full body, muscular endurance workout. When you focus on building your muscular endurance, you are focus on how long you work your muscles.

Our Remixed Sculpt class is all about building muscular strength or how much you can lift. It’s important to build that muscular strength, but building your muscular endurance, like we do in Remixed Barre is also just as important. As a mom, I know I rely on my muscular endurance quite often. My three year old may be relatively light to pick up, but after awhile my arms start to burn.

If you’re still unsure about what muscular endurance is all about, try this little exercise. Take your phone in your right hand and hold your arm out in front of you straight in the air. Now, keep holding it out there until you are finished reading this article. After awhile, you’ll notice your arm start to throb, it may even shake depending on how fast you read. Those muscles are going into overdrive trying to keep that arm straight!

A barre class is just like that little exercise on a larger scale and involves a lot more muscles. Isometric movements are also used throughout class. These are exercises done in static positions, working specific muscles. Throughout class, your body will be burning and shaking all over the place. It’s a challenge for sure, but you’ll feel so accomplished when it’s over.

The Length: 45 minutes

The Format: Our Remixed Barre follows the same format as all of our other Remix classes. Our format is simple, so our instructors can focus on mixing up the details so each workout is a unique and challenging experience.

We always start with a 5-6 minute warm-up then jump right into an arm series for three songs with a short 1-2 minute active rest/stretch. Since barre is all about muscular endurance, or how long you work your muscles, we dive deep into specific muscles. For example, we may spend an entire song on the biceps. Then, we move onto the lower body, first the thighs, or tops of the legs, with three songs followed by a 1-2 minute active rest/stretch. Glutes, or the backs of the legs, follow thighs with another three songs followed by a 1-2 minute active rest/stretch. Finally, we end with 1-2 songs focusing on the core and a final stretch song.

Throughout the workout, the instructor may throw in different types of equipment to really challenge those muscles, but you really don’t need to use any equipment. Afterall, way back when we were first teaching pop-up classes out of our garage, we didn’t use any equipment and still managed to get those muscles to shake!

Modifications: Our Remixed Barre is one of our lower impact classes, perfect for all fitness levels and ages. There are some movements that may need to be modified depending on any past or present injuries. For example, those with knee issues can work at the barre for any exercises performed on hands and knees on the ground. Or anyone with wrist issues can face the center of the room with their back to the barre as opposed to holding onto the barre while in chair pose.

Like all of our Remixed classes, discuss any injuries with your instructor before class. If you are unsure of a movement, be sure to wave the instructor over for help or our instructors are more than happy to discuss different moves with you after class.

Pregnancy: If you are pregnant, it’s important to discuss your exercise plans with your doctor. Typically, our clients can continue to take classes they have taken before pregnancy as long as they listen to their bodies and feel good. Avoid twisting movements, and always keep a ball behind your lower back when doing any core exercises.

Tips: Our Remixed Barre focuses a lot on the core. Throughout the class, check in with your posture and form. Draw your navel back to your spine, roll your shoulders back and tuck your tailbone under for the correct alignment.

What To Wear: Our Remixed Barre is lower impact, so while not as sweaty as our Remix Method or Remixed Cardio class, it’s still a smart idea to dress in layers. Basic workout clothes, a tank and leggings, are the way to go. We also recommend wearing sticky socks to not only keep your toes warm, but allow you to stay put while in high releve lifting those heels high off the ground. You can purchase Stickybe sticky socks in the studio.

What To Bring: Just bring your water bottle, yourself and let us take care of the rest.

Sound Bites: Embrace the shake! Feel the burn. Suck your belly button back to your spine.

Why Should You Try: Our Remixed Barre class is an ideal workout for those new to fitness, coming back from an injury or anyone wanting to mix up their normal workout routine. It’s low impact and it builds strength. It’s also a great way to work your posture and your core. My posture has never been better since starting barre classes.

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