Raise your hand if you wake up in the morning and stretch. It’s something most of us instinctively do each and every morning.

Why do we do this?

Well, it feels good for one. It also helps to loosen and realign our muscles and get our blood flowing. Plus, stretching is a natural stress reliever.

Besides when I wake up in the morning, and sometimes I don’t even get that chance if my kids push me out of bed before I’m ready, I haven’t been much of a stretcher. Stretching is typically placed on the back burner for me since I usually crave a higher intensity workout.

Our Remixed Flex class, following our Remix Method Class, is the perfect opportunity for those of us who struggle to make time for stretching. You still feel like you get your workout in, while also making time to stretch. Continue to read below for more details on what makes our Remixed Flex Class so special.

Remixed Flex: What To Expect

The Length: 30 minutes

The Format: Our Remixed Flex workout varies slightly from our other classes at Remix. Though it follows our Remix Method Class; it’s only 30 minutes long. 

The format follows our basic format of our other workouts, except we take out a few songs. We start with a warm-up of dynamic stretches in order to get our muscles warm so we can safely stretch them. Unlike what we were all told growing up during gym class, studies have shown that it’s more beneficial to stretch following a workout or when our muscles are warm as opposed to before. Then we move to arm stretches for a song, followed by thighs then glutes and a final core and full body stretch.

Modifications: Our Remixed Flex class is very low impact. It’s a great class for those coming back from an injury, who are experiencing excessive soreness or anyone who wants to take a little time for themselves to destress and relax.

Pregnancy: If you are pregnant, it’s important to discuss your exercise plans with your doctor. Typically, our clients can continue to take classes they have taken before pregnancy as long as they listen to their bodies and feel good. Our Remixed Flex is our lowest impact class, so most of our pregnant clients can continue to participate.

Tips: Our Remixed Flex instructors will lead you through a series of different stretches. Be sure to focus on taking nice long deep breaths throughout the class. Be present. Focus on your breath and the movement. It can be a difficult challenge to shut our minds off when we have a million and one things to do on our to do lists, but our Remixed Flex class is the perfect opportunity to work on our mindfulness.

What To Wear: Our Remixed Flex Class is very low impact, so layers are important to help keep your muscles nice and warm as your stretch. Basic workout clothes, a t-shirt or long-sleeved shirt and leggings, are the way to go. You can continue to wear your sneakers from the class before or bring barre socks or regular socks if that’s more comfortable.

What To Bring: Just bring your water bottle, yourself and let us take care of the rest.

Sound Bites: Take a nice deep breath in and on the exhale fall a little deeper into that stretch. Focus on your breath and the movement.

Why Should You Try: A flexible muscle is less likely to get injured than one that’s not-so-flexible. Our Remixed Flex class can help improve your posture and help prevent muscle soreness.

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