Remixed Sculpt: What To Expect

What is Sculpt: Our Remixed Sculpt and Remixed Barre classes are both full body, muscular strength training workouts. Unlike barre, which focuses on muscular endurance, our Remixed Sculpt class focuses on building strength- how much you can lift as opposed to for how long.

If barre uses isometric exercises, our Remixed Sculpt class uses primarily isotonic exercises. Isotonic exercises happen when your muscles pull against your bones causing your joints to move. Pretty much any type of exercise that requires movement falls into the isotonic exercise category.

Our Remixed Sculpt class is a great workout for all ages and fitness levels. It’ll help burn fat, build stronger muscles, bones, and ligaments and improve your body composition.

In our Remixed Sculpt class, similar to our Remixed Barre Class, we like to isolate particular muscles to really build strength. We use movements with full range of motion that are useful in making everyday activities easier. Those groceries will be a piece of cake (or should I say protein muffin?) after spending some time in our Remixed Sculpt class.

The Length: 45 minutes

The Format: Our Remixed Sculpt follows the same format as all of our other Remix classes. Our format is simple, so our instructors can focus on mixing up the details making each workout a unique and challenging experience.

We always start with a 5-6 minute warm-up then jump right into an arm series for three songs with a short 1-2 minute active rest/stretch. Then, we move onto the lower body, first the thighs, or tops of the legs, with three songs followed by a 1-2 minute active rest/stretch. Glutes, or the backs of the legs, follow thighs with another three songs followed by a 1-2 minute active rest/stretch. Finally, we end with 1-2 songs focusing on the core and a final stretch song.

Throughout the workout, the instructor may add in different types of equipment to really challenge those muscles. Choose heavier weights than you would during a barre class since the repetitions will be shorter. If you are new to strength training or exercise in general, start off with lighter weights or even no weights and slowly build as you take more and more classes.

Be sure to talk with your instructor before class for some help in choosing weights that are right for you.

Modifications: Our Remixed Sculpt is one of our lower impact classes, perfect for all fitness levels and ages. There are some movements that may need to be modified depending on any past or present injuries. For example, those with knee issues can work at the barre for any exercises performed on hands and knees on the ground. If you are having difficulty squatting down completely, work up a little higher.

Like all of our Remixed classes, discuss any injuries with your instructor before class. If you are unsure of a movement, be sure to wave the instructor over for help or our instructors are more than happy to discuss different moves with you before or after class.

Pregnancy: If you are pregnant, it’s important to discuss your exercise plans with your doctor. Typically, our clients can continue to take classes they have taken before pregnancy as long as they listen to their bodies and feel good. Avoid twisting movements, and always keep a ball behind your lower back when doing any core exercises.

Tips: Progression is very important when it comes to building strength. As you take classes, be sure to gradually up your weight so you continue to get stronger. Our bodies are very adaptive afterall!

Take advantage of our mirrors. They are there to help you be mindful of your form, and form is very important when it comes to strength training in order to avoid getting injured.

What To Wear: Our Remixed Sculpt is lower impact, so while not as sweaty as our Remix Method or Remixed Cardio class, it’s still a smart idea to dress in layers. Basic workout clothes, a tank and leggings, are the way to go. We also recommend wearing sneakers or sticky socks!

What To Bring: Just bring your water bottle, yourself and let us take care of the rest.

Sound Bites: Control your movement on the way up as well as the way down. Sit back into your heels on the way down. Take a breath in and exhale as you start to move.

Why Should You Try: Our Remixed Sculpt class is a great workout for all ages and fitness levels. Studies have shown the importance of building muscular strength. It’ll help burn fat, build stronger muscles, bones, and ligaments and improve your body composition.

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