We offer a variety of strength training classes from our Remixed Sculpt Class which is pure strength training to our combination classes that offer a mix of strength with cardio. Choose which class is right for you!

Remixed Sculpt
Grab your weights and come get stronger, more toned and more confident during our 45-minute Remixed Sculpt class. This total body, low impact, strength training workout uses a variety of equipment, including dumbbells and resistance bands, to build a strong foundation in order to continually achieve results. The music will fuel your fire and our instructors will encourage you to continually progress so you walk out of class feeling powerful.Learn more…
Remixed Barre
You don’t need to be a ballerina to workout at the barre! Our Remixed Barre class is a 45-minute, low impact, muscular endurance workout that focuses on high repetitions and small, isometric movements. Instructors bring the heat with their fun, upbeat playlists and are sure to have your muscles shaking and burning so you walk out of class feeling sleek, toned and accomplished.Learn more…

Check out our strength training classes that focus on the core!

Core/Sculpt Remix
Our total body, low impact, muscle-building strength training workout with an emphasis on your core- what more can you ask for? Create those abs you’ve always wanted with our Core/Sculpt Remix class. We’ll work the entire body, but give our core the special treatment it deserves.
Core/Barre Remix
It’s our Remixed Barre class with a focus on building core strength for a full body workout that’ll leave you feeling stronger. We put an emphasis on our core throughout class so you’ll not only build your abdominal strength, but you’ll also improve your balance and overall muscular endurance. Embrace the shake and your core will thank you!

All about efficiency? Check out our combination classes, for when you want to really “mix” up cardio with strength training.

Remix Method
Founders Mary Cate and Tricia’s one of a kind, signature class is a dynamic, heart-pounding, muscle-shaking full body workout. This unique workout combines cardio, strength training, barre and flexibility for an intense, but effective 45 minutes that can be tailored for any exercise level. Leave class stronger, leaner, definitely sweatier and wanting more!Learn more…
Barre/Sculpt Remix
This 45 minute low-impact, combo class for all levels will give you the perfect mix of barre and sculpt, building both muscular endurance and strength. Our motivating playlists will push you to get lower and dig deeper in small movements that bring on the “shake” + large movements that increase your power.  You’ll walk out of class feeling stronger, more toned and accomplished.
Cardio/Sculpt Remix
For a combo class that’ll leave you feeling stronger with a boost of endorphins, look no further than our fast-paced, but incredibly fun Cardio/Sculpt Remix. Large movements combined with fast paced exercises make for one sweaty, intense workout! Cardio/Sculpt is the perfect workout for anyone looking for cardio with primarily low impact movements. You won’t want to miss this one! 
Barre/Cardio Remix
Small movements combined with fast-paced exercises make for the perfectly sweaty workout that’ll leave you feeling good even though you muscles may be burning. Embrace the shake with small, isometric movements you find in our barre classes, then feel the sweat once you start picking up the pace. Improve your cardiovascular health while building that muscular endurance! ! 
Kickboxing/Sculpt Remix
Two class favorites combined into one amazing, butt-kicking workout. Kickboxing/Sculpt Remix will have you punching and kicking your way into shape with a combination of kickboxing/cardio movements and strength training exercises. You’ll build that lean muscle and burn fat in the ultimate workout that’ll leave you feeling strong, calm and confident. 
Remixed Circuit
Take it to the next level in this fast paced class that mixes strength building and muscular endurance for an high intensity, sweaty workout. Modifications are always provided while you work at your own pace through different rounds of a variety of exercises. You’ll leave class feeling powerful and strong!  
HIIT/Sculpt Remix
Get ready to work during this combination class that mixes high intensity interval training and strength training for the perfect, efficient workout. You’ll move through a series of different movements that focus on body conditioning and building strength. With an emphasis on form, all levels will be able to feel confident and capable after taking this class.