Backyard barbeques, pool-side cocktails, longer days, and a laid back vibe have all taken residence these past few months.

Summer is in full swing.

And in addition to all the family vacations and trips down the shore, summer brings the heat.

They don’t call it “the lazy days of summer” for nothing. All that heat and humidity can lead to you feeling, well, a bit lazy. The ideal temperature for an outside workout is most certainly NOT 98 degrees (And I’m not talking about the boy band). Since we still have to squeeze into that bathing suit for another month, here are a few tips to shake off that summer sluggishness and stay in shape.

Summer Fitness: 4 Tips to Beat the Heat

Wake up your inner early bird or night owl

 I’ll be honest, I’m definitely not a morning person. My family knows not to talk to me until at least 9:00 am.

Despite my aversion to the early wake ups, I’ve found that I feel so accomplished and ready to tackle the day after I’ve completed a workout first thing. And, hey, if mornings really aren’t your thing, it’s typically cooler later in the evening too.

Fortunately, Remix has got you covered. We offer plenty of early morning and evening classes so you can avoid the intense heat of midday. Be sure to check out our schedule and don’t forget to fill out our survey at the end if you want to see even more class times added.

Stay cool in the right attire

If the weather is unbearable even in the early mornings and later evenings, it’s best to be prepared. The right material can make or break a workout.

Choose lightweight materials in lighter colors and moisture-wicking gear. We’ve got lots of cute Remix tank tops to keep you nice and cool. We’ve also got some fabulous Lululemon gear to keep you cool and dry in class! 

Throw on a Remix hat and grab your favorite pair of sunglasses to protect those beautiful eyes and skin.

Remix apparel

Stay hydrated

It’s always important to stay hydrated while exercising, but it’s especially important to pay attention during the weather months when our bodies are working overtime trying to stay cool. For more information about healthy hydration, check out American Council on Exercise.

So, be sure to grab a Remix water bottle from the fridge new time you’re in the studio. Our water fountain can be used to fill up your water bottles, so you can be sure you are drinking lots of fluids.

Remix water bottle

Take it inside

Finally, when all else fails, take it inside. Why not save the outdoors for relaxation and join a group fitness class? 

All summer long, Remix has been battling the elements outside during our many pop-up classes. Now it’s time to pump up the volume and the AIR CONDITIONING and get to work.

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