Remix Method: What To Expect

The Length: 45 minutes

The Format: Our Remix Method format follows all of the other Remixed classes, making it easy to follow while still mixing it up so you don’t get bored.

We begin with a warm-up then jump right into an arm series for three sets and a short active rest/stretch. For our arm sets, we start with cardio, move onto sculpt (i.e. muscular strength) and barre (i.e. muscular endurance) before finishing the set with a stretch. Then, we move onto the lower body, first the thighs and then onto the back of the legs or glutes. Thighs and glutes follow the same flow as the arms series, including cardio, sculpt, barre and flex for the same length of time. Finally, we end by focusing on the core with a condensed mix of cardio, sculpt and barre movements as you are working your core throughout the entire workout and a final stretch.

We keep it moving the whole time for an intense, but fun and efficient workout. Your instructor may use a variety of equipment or none at all. Every workout is uniquely designed and always different from the last, so you’ll never feel bored.

Modifications: The Remix Method includes some higher impact movements during cardio sets, but they are easily modified if you need or prefer less impact. Follow along with level one modifications for a lower impact class or jump to level three when you’d like to up the intensity for a more challenging workout.

If you are new to working out or have any recent injuries, Remix recommends consulting with a doctor first. Be sure to talk with your instructor before class to discuss any past or present injuries, so proper modifications can be given throughout class.

Pregnancy: If you are pregnant, it’s important to discuss your exercise plans with your doctor. Typically, our clients can continue to take classes they have taken before pregnancy as long as they listen to their bodies. Since there are three cardio sets in the workout, we recommend sticking to level one.

Tips: If you are new to working out, ease into the workout. Stick to level one for the first time. You can build up to higher levels the more you come. And always be sure to listen to your body!

During cardio sets, our instructors will lead you through a series of high intensity and lower intensity intervals. The goal is reach the point of feeling uncomfortable while performing the higher intensity intervals. During this point, talking should be difficult! We will bring our heart rate back down during the lower intensity intervals and talking will become easier again.

Progression is very important when it comes to building strength during our sculpt portion of the workout. As you take classes, be sure to gradually up your weight so you continue to get stronger. Our bodies are very adaptive!

Take advantage of our mirrors as they are there to help you be mindful of your form. Your form is very important when it comes to strength training in order to avoid injury.

During the barre portions of the workout, be cognizant of your posture and form since we focus a lot on our core. Draw your navel back to your spine, roll your shoulders back and tuck your tailbone under for the correct alignment.

What To Wear: The Remix Method is definitely one of our most sweaty classes, so it’s best to dress in layers that you can take off as you get warm (It won’t take long!). Basic workout clothes, a tank and leggings, are the way to go. Grab a towel on our way in, and don’t forget to wear your sneakers since we’ll be moving!

What To Bring: Just bring your water bottle, yourself and let us take care of the rest.

Remix Method Sound Bites: Relax your shoulders. Engage your abdominal muscles. Have fun with it! Stick with it!

Why Should You Try: The Remix Method is a great workout for those who want it all- an intense, efficient, well-rounded workout. Balance is important when it comes to exercising. Cardio, flexibility and strength training go hand-in-hand for overall health benefits.

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