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Here at Remix we are dedicated to providing a variety of classes and times, so all of our clients are able to beat boredom, overcome plateaus and reach their goals. If you are interested in a time or class, please let us know as we are always interested in adding to our ever-evolving schedule. Here are a few details to know about our classes…

  • Our classes are all 45 minutes long with the exception of our 30 minute Flex class. With busy schedules, it’s important to us to maximize your time so you receive the most efficient and effective workout.
  • Our classes are for ALL levels! Our instructors provide levels during each class ranging from 1-3 with level 1 for individuals looking for less intense and lower impact movements and level 3 for individuals looking for a challenge.

New to Remix?

Book a class!

New to Remix and not sure which class to book first? We recommend our signature Remix Method class which combines cardio, strength training, barre and flexibility for a sweaty, but effective workout that’ll leave you feeling strong!

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-3 Class Package: $39

-1 Month Unlimited Classes: $99


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Which class is right for you?

*Here at Remix we believe in mixing it up! Take a look below to find out which classes are right for you. All of our classes are for ALL levels, so don’t be afraid to mix it up and try them all. For a complete list of our class descriptions and to find out when they are offered click below.

Looking for cardio?

Check out our Remixed Cardio class, a high intensity interval training class designed to burn fat and leave you feeling energized. Our Remixed Tabata, Remixed Spin and Remixed Kickboxing classes are also heart-healthy, endorphin-boosting classes brand new to our schedule! Click on the picture below for more cardio options.

Looking for strength training?

Want to leave class feeling powerful? Grab some weights and head to one of our Remixed Sculpt classes. Want to build more muscular endurance? Our Remixed Barre class is where it’s at. Love both? We offer a Barre/Sculpt Remix that combines the best of both worlds for an incredible workout. All three classes will leave your muscles burning, but feeling oh-so-good at the same time!

Want something lower impact or looking to stretch it out?

All of our classes are designed to allow for lower impact movements, including our cardio classes. If you are looking for classes specifically low impact, however, we recommend one of our strength training classes, including Remixed Barre, Remixed Sculpt, and Barre/Sculpt Remix. Looking to recover? Try our Remixed Flex class or for some recovery with more of a challenge- our Barre/Flex Remix is a great option.

Want it all?

It all goes back to our Remix Method class, the perfect combo of cardio, strength training, barre and flexibility. While we love our Method class, don’t forget to try out our other amazing combo classes where you can get both strength training AND cardio, including Cardio/Sculpt Remix, Barre/Cardio Remix, and Kickboxing/Sculpt Remix.