Co-Founder Mary Cate loves to tell her classes, “One of the most difficult parts of class is getting here.”

Okay, you may be thinking, “I beg to differ,”  while sweat drips from your face holding that last plank, but it still can be a challenge. In between work, kids, and the million other obligations we have, it can be a struggle to find the time.

Here at Remix, we are dedicated to making your time worthwhile. We don’t want to waste your valuable time with lackluster workouts that don’t get you your desired results.

Our Remix Method was born out of the struggle to find a workout that is efficient, yet won’t leave you bored or looking for more. We’ve taken workouts that have been proven to be successful, turned them around, remixed them, and made them exciting and effective.

Our Remix Method is a one of a kind, dynamic, heart-pounding, muscle-shaking, full body workout. At just 45 minutes, you’ll be able to get in and out so you have time for everything else on your to do list. This unique workout combines cardio, strength training, barre and flexibility for an intense, but effective class that can be tailored for any exercise level.

You’ll leave class stronger, leaner, most definitely sweatier and wanting more! Read on for even more reasons why you are most definitely going to want the to write Remix Method on the top of your upcoming to do list.

Why Remix Method?

It’s efficient.

The Remix Method is an innovative mix of workouts, including cardio, muscular strength training, barre or (i.e. muscular endurance training) and flexibility training. We’ll get your heart pumping, muscles burning, not to mention your booty shaking to some insanely fun playlists, for a complete, full body workout.

Our Remix Method Workout is just 45 minutes long so you can get in, out and on with your day. Here at Remix we like to work smarter. Our workout is high intensity, so you  can get all you need in a shorter amount of time. We’ll kick class off with a warm-up to get your blood flowing and elevate your heart rate before heading into an arm series, starting with cardio and followed by a set for strength training, barre and flexibility. Then we repeat that flow for the tops of our legs and then onto the backs of our legs before we finish strong with our core and a final stretch.

It’s effective

Our dynamic mix of exercise genres target your whole body. You will be able to build and lengthen muscles, improve your cardiovascular health and, as you continue to progress, achieve those results you crave.

Most workout programs focus on one specific type of exercise, typically strength training or cardio. At Remix, we aren’t into the one-size fits all mentality. Instead, we are major fans of multitasking. You’ll get a bigger bang for your buck when you take our Remix Method class that combines strength training, cardio, and stretching.

We even offer two types of strength training. In a typical barre class, muscular endurance, or the length of time you can work your muscles, is the focus. During our Remix Method class, you’ll find both the muscular endurance training found in a barre class and muscular strength training or how much weight you can lift in our sculpting sets. Both types of training play an important role in a well-rounded fitness program.

It’s dynamic

We specialize in variety here at Remix. Who knew there were so many different types of push-ups? We love to take basic movements and remix them for an unexpected and enjoyable experience. Tricep push-ups? Downward dog push-ups? You’ll find them all.

Though the layout for our Remix Method workout remains the same, you’ll find that no two workouts are alike since the combinations of exercises are endless. Set to energizing music, our instructors design workouts for maximum impact. Our workouts are never boring because they are always changing.

Our motivating and caring instructors are all one of a kind. They each have their own style and artistry they bring to the workouts.  Be sure to check them all out!

It’s for everybody

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5 Tips for Remix Newbies

The Remix Method is for everybody no matter what your level. Instructors offer three different levels throughout class. Level 1s are lower impact and a great option for beginners, whereas Level 2s and 3s are higher impact and more challenging.

Our enthusiastic instructors are there to motivate and support you throughout the workout. They are present before and after class to answer any of your questions,  or discuss injuries to be aware of or demonstrate modifications you may need.

Here at Remix, we believe in community. It’s one of the major reasons why founders Mary Cate and Tricia created Remix. We are dedicated to fostering a supportive community where all are welcome to not only get in a great workout, but to hopefully make lifelong connections. Remix Method is efficient, effective, dynamic and for all levels.

As much as we love our signature class, we also want to encourage ALL to MIX it up and try ALL of our Remix Classes. From cardio to sculpt and barre to all of our combo classes, ALL levels can participate!

Don’t waste another second, come in and try your first class today for FREE!